Recovery and Raising Hell :)

Man its been quite the ten days for me! It has definitely been hard and a huge test of faith. But each day there has been less pain and I am returning back to myself. The first half of last week was really tough trying to take less meds so I could go to work. I felt like I was getting worse. I spent most of Tuesday night crying but wonderful Dallas was with me the whole time! This time of year I always like to focus on the things I am grateful for and he definitely takes the cake on that one! I am so grateful to have him in my life and that he is a worthy priesthood holder so he can give me blessings. Whenever I would get down and frustrated, he would always make me feel better even though he had lots on his plate as well. I just can't believe it has almost been a year!! :)
Anyways, I am finally not waking up during the night to take medicine and I had to force myself to only take one tylenol and one 800 mg ibyprofin every six hours. But now I feel like I don't even need that much anymore! I just look forward to when I won't have to take any meds at all. Hopefully by the weekend!
So over the weekend I had a crazy dream. I had a dream that I was back in junior high at my first day at a Utah school. It felt so real and it was pretty accurate too right down to certain classmates that stuck out to me my first day, one of which is now one of my best friends! This dream reminded me of the incident on that cold December morning going down to the junior high with my parents to register me. The secretary, Becky(yes I remember that mean lady so well), would not let me register. I can't even remember the reason why she said I couldn't but it would be almost a week before I could which I was ok with because I was SO nervous. Oh but Papa bear was not a happy camper. He was fuming! I remember going back to my grandma's house where we lived until we found a house and my Uncle Dave was there too. My grandma, Dave and Dad were just so upset and all wanted to shove a boot up Becky's you know what. That is what I love about us Roundy's, you mess with one and you get the wrath of all! Anyways my point in the story I am grateful for a dad who isn't afraid to raise hell for me:) oh and he did! He marched right back and let Becky have it. I started school the next day :)

By the way, the picture up top is of the beautiful flowers my dad sent me the day after my surgery! I was hoping to have gotten a picture without me in it so please excuse the creep in the picture!


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