Loni after Getting her wisdom teeth out

Loni got her Wisdom teeth out today so I decided to document it. Luckily I got some good shots if what it was like for Loni.

Pre Surgery

Being Put under:

Confusion in the car:

Made it home:


  1. I laughed through the whole video. I'm so glad Jarom didn't record me when I was in the same position. HAHA

  2. When I woke up from getting my wisdom teeth removed, I was on a bed in another room. They woke me up and I was so confused that I jumped up startled and the nurse yelled, "Don't try to stand up!" But halfway through the sentence I was up. By the end of the sentence I was collapsed in a heap on the ground. Ha! Then I slept for a week because I was on Vicodin.

    These videos are hilarious. Sorry to laugh at your pain, Loni! But when you asked if you could drive we just about died.

  3. Haha no hard feelings! Loni and I laugh at them too! :)

  4. I definitely get a good laugh out of the videos too!

  5. These are surgeons of the mouth and face. Mostly they remove wisdom teeth, but do many other things as well. They remove tumors and biopsy lesions. removal of wisdom teeth


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