Halloween Night

IMG_1269-2011-11-1-21-21.JPGIMG_1270-2011-11-1-21-21.JPGSo yesterday didn’t really feel like halloween. We had already gone to all our halloween parties with the families. Loni and I went on a little drive up to Bridavail falls and snooped around taking pictures. We were really glad we went because there was a sign that the trail was closing today November 1st.



IMG_1278-2011-11-1-21-21.JPGWe went home and just crashed. We watched “The Covenant” which scared Loni a little so we had to watch a couple episodes of Modern Family. We only had 3 people ring our doorbell, even though we had turned off all our lights I was surprised that we didn’t get more.

One final note: Loni and I saw a kid about 15 - 17 years old that had a Charlie Brown shirt on (not really dress up a lot) he was carrying a grocery bag. well he was walking by the churches by Costco in orem, we passed him as we turned into Costco to fill up with gas, and when we pulled out to go back down the hill we were stopped at the light and we saw him ring a doorbell and wait for about 15 seconds before he continued on. Loni and I were busting up laughing because he was all alone and pathetically dressed carrying a grocery bag trick or treating! Well we went back up to the canyon and when we came back down we hopped on the secret road that I go to work on and we saw that same boy with his grocery bag more than half way filled with candy. We were laughing so hard we were tearing up. Sad, but funny story.


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