Gauze, ice, drugs and snack packs

What a weekend it has been full of gauze, ice, pain, snack packs and nausea. I was so nervous going into this weekend, because I haven't had to go through anything like this before. The most I have ever had to recover from was a sprained ankle back in my soccer days. Lets just say pain and I aren't the best of friends. My best friends this weekend were definitely ice and my drugs. Whenever I was in lots of pain, these two things took care of it! My diet has consisted of weight loss shakes from costco, snack pack puddings, yogurt, tomato soup, mashed potatoes, and ice cream. Lets just say I can't wait to eat a big juicy burger or a big bowl of pasta!
I did have lots of things that picked me up during the hard weekend. This weekend made me realize what wonderful people I have in my life! My dad sent me the most beautiful flowers with a note saying get better soon. My dad is what I like to call a gentle giant. He seems like a rough character on the outside but has such a big heart especially when it comes to his daughters. He definitely brought a smile to my face! Also Bret and Connie came to visit that night bringing me my favorite candy for when I can eat! It meant a lot having them come and I think it helped Dallas also. It kept him sane to talk to people who weren't on Percocet! I just hope they didn't notice I felt like puking all over the place! And last but certain not least, Dallas. He was been so wonderful to me! He took the reins on making sure I took my meds when I needed to. He changed my ice packs and sat with me when changing my nasty gauze. He made me food when I needed to eat. I have to get up every three hours during the night for my meds and ice and Dallas got up every time! You name it, he did it! I am going to make him sleep through the night tonight, because I can tell the lack of sleep is wearing him out.
Well I go back to work tomorrow so hopefully everything goes ok!


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