1 year Anniversary

For all those who did not know or did not remember, yesterday was our 1 year anniversary! we made it through the first year without killing each other, and we have high hopes for the future.

In celebration Loni and I planned a couple fun activities.

  1. We slept in!                 I can’t tell you how good that felt!
  2. went to subway for lunch!                shared a spicy Italian foot long
  3. Walked around costco…                Christmas window shopping
  4. went Ice skating at peaks Ice arena. 
We made use of our starving student card by buy one get one free so we got in and rented skates for about 8 bucks. We loved watching the little kids that were learning how to skate and it made us want to teach our future kiddies some day. Hopefully by then Loni won’t need my help to skate, as I perform skillfully at being a skating camera man.
IMG_1297-2011-11-20-11-02.JPG    IMG_1293-2011-11-20-11-02.jpg    IMG_1294-2011-11-20-11-02.JPG  
  5. watched psych and took nap.         So refreshing!
  6. Ate dinner at Texas Madhouse….I mean Texas Roadhouse! 
Their steak is freakin amazing. but call in first if you plan on going on a weekend! We decided not to share because it was our anniversary so we were stuffed before we got that far into the meal. I probably had about 4 of their rolls cause they were just that amazing!
    IMG_1302-2011-11-20-11-02.jpg     IMG_1305-2011-11-20-11-02.jpg     IMG_1306-2011-11-20-11-02.jpg
  7. Stuff anniversary cake into each others mouths. (no pictures were taken because of lack of professional camera man.
Loni’s mom stored the cake in her freezer for the last year, we went and got it the day before and just put it in the fridge. It tasted pretty good and moist still but in fear of getting food poisoning we stopped after the first bite.


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