The blue bomb took a sick day

IMG_0183-2011-11-3-11-25.JPGSo the blue bomb broke down on my way to work yesterday. I was about 100 feet away from work when I heard a pop then smoke just started coming out of every inch of the dashboard, muffler, and hood of the car, so I turned off the engine right away and pulled it into the yellow lane in the middle of the road. it was very sad, luckily it broke down that close to work so I was able to get some guys to come help push it over to the church parking lot close by. I was really grateful it happened before work rather than after because I would have not been able to get help with it a quickly as I did and I would have been late to my lab class. so after we pushed the car to the parking lot and on my way inside i ran into one of my co-worker friends, Mark Olson, who asked me if i wanted to look at it with him cause there was a 50/50 chance he would be able to find the problem, so we did.

IMG_0182-2011-11-3-11-25.jpgThe problem turned out to be a radiator hose that ruptured. It has a gash in it about 3 inches long and there was radiator fluid all over the engine. So mark took me over to a checker auto part where we bought the parts and took them back to the car. Two hours and $50 later it was working again! Thanks Mark!

Loni and I wanted to show our appreciation so she made them cookies while I tried to steal dough to eat


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