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Sucker for TV

So I have what some might call a bad habit or possibly an addiction, but let me tell you I just love a good tv show! I get hooked on shows so easily! They know exactly how to reel me in and poor Dallas gets sucked in as well. Every week I have my weekly shows that I look forward to and for some odd reason I thought I would share, probably because I don't really know what else to write about!So Tuesday nights is the Biggest Loser and I am lucky enough to have Dallas sit and watch with me! He likes the show as well. I think it motivates us to be healthy! I just love to see the transformations at the end of the episode of the person that gets voted off. Tonight they are doing the makeovers so it will be a good episode!
The Hart of Dixie is a new show that just premiered in September on Monday nights. It has Rachel Bilson who was also on one of my favorite shows back in high school, The OC, so when I saw that I new I had to check it out. The show is about a young doctor(Rachel Bilson) …

Thanks giving!

Lately, my heart has been so full of gratitude! As turkey day gets closer it always makes me reflect on what I am truly grateful for. So I thought I would share with ya'll! Especially since those that read our blog will be included :)
Is it totally cliche to have your husband on the list?? But really like I have boasted many times before I just ADORE this man! I am so grateful for him putting up with my emotional, stubborn, and crazy self for the past year.;) There were some hard times this past year and he always seemed to calm me down without even trying. I am so grateful for his humor as well! He really knows how to make me laugh! I am grateful he is so easy to get along with. He mixes well with all my friends! I am grateful for the opportunity to attend the temple. This year we tried to go once a month and I know there were times we slacked off but the times we went were very special! We are trying to go to the temple where we go on vacation so we went to the San Diego and Laie…

1 year Anniversary

For all those who did not know or did not remember, yesterday was our 1 year anniversary! we made it through the first year without killing each other, and we have high hopes for the future.

In celebration Loni and I planned a couple fun activities.

We slept in!                 I can’t tell you how good that felt!went to subway for lunch!                shared a spicy Italian foot longWalked around costco…                Christmas window shoppingwent Ice skating at peaks Ice arena. 
We made use of our starving student card by buy one get one free so we got in and rented skates for about 8 bucks. We loved watching the little kids that were learning how to skate and it made us want to teach our future kiddies some day. Hopefully by then Loni won’t need my help to skate, as I perform skillfully at being a skating camera man.

watched psych and took nap.         So refreshing!Ate dinner at Texas Madhouse….I mean Texas Roadhouse! 
Their steak is freakin amazing. but call in first if you…

Cookies and cream anyone?

November 17, 2011, I Dallas promise to hereby seek out and egg the property of whomever did this to our altima parked on the street!

Cookies and cream ice cream anyone?

Recovery and Raising Hell :)

Man its been quite the ten days for me! It has definitely been hard and a huge test of faith. But each day there has been less pain and I am returning back to myself. The first half of last week was really tough trying to take less meds so I could go to work. I felt like I was getting worse. I spent most of Tuesday night crying but wonderful Dallas was with me the whole time! This time of year I always like to focus on the things I am grateful for and he definitely takes the cake on that one! I am so grateful to have him in my life and that he is a worthy priesthood holder so he can give me blessings. Whenever I would get down and frustrated, he would always make me feel better even though he had lots on his plate as well. I just can't believe it has almost been a year!! :)Anyways, I am finally not waking up during the night to take medicine and I had to force myself to only take one tylenol and one 800 mg ibyprofin every six hours. But now I feel like I don't even need that m…

Locked keys in the car

Yesterday I locked my keys in the car. I had to call Orem city police to come break open the blue bomb. After I called the police department I realized that the blue bomb has two cracks that span the length of the windshield, and the brake light is broken. I was worried that he was going to give me a situation when he saw them, but to my relief he never even noticed. I was lucky….that time.

This wasn’t the first time I had locked my keys in the car. The last time I locked my keys in the car I was at the Data Center up in north orem. Loni had to come bring me a hanger, luckily I left the driver window down a crack so we could get a hanger down to open it. I have had the intention to go get a spare key after that but never quite did, and what do you know… It happened again in the exact same place, but this time I didn’t have any windows down.

As a last note, I have been motivated by The Biggest Looser to loose some weight of my own. I have a goal to loose 30 lb. and get back down to m…

Gauze, ice, drugs and snack packs

What a weekend it has been full of gauze, ice, pain, snack packs and nausea. I was so nervous going into this weekend, because I haven't had to go through anything like this before. The most I have ever had to recover from was a sprained ankle back in my soccer days. Lets just say pain and I aren't the best of friends. My best friends this weekend were definitely ice and my drugs. Whenever I was in lots of pain, these two things took care of it! My diet has consisted of weight loss shakes from costco, snack pack puddings, yogurt, tomato soup, mashed potatoes, and ice cream. Lets just say I can't wait to eat a big juicy burger or a big bowl of pasta!I did have lots of things that picked me up during the hard weekend. This weekend made me realize what wonderful people I have in my life! My dad sent me the most beautiful flowers with a note saying get better soon. My dad is what I like to call a gentle giant. He seems like a rough character on the outside but has such a big h…

Loni after Getting her wisdom teeth out

Loni got her Wisdom teeth out today so I decided to document it. Luckily I got some good shots if what it was like for Loni.

Pre Surgery (
Being Put under:

Confusion in the car:
Made it home:

The blue bomb took a sick day

So the blue bomb broke down on my way to work yesterday. I was about 100 feet away from work when I heard a pop then smoke just started coming out of every inch of the dashboard, muffler, and hood of the car, so I turned off the engine right away and pulled it into the yellow lane in the middle of the road. it was very sad, luckily it broke down that close to work so I was able to get some guys to come help push it over to the church parking lot close by. I was really grateful it happened before work rather than after because I would have not been able to get help with it a quickly as I did and I would have been late to my lab class. so after we pushed the car to the parking lot and on my way inside i ran into one of my co-worker friends, Mark Olson, who asked me if i wanted to look at it with him cause there was a 50/50 chance he would be able to find the problem, so we did.

The problem turned out to be a radiator hose that ruptured. It has a gash in it about 3 inches long and there …

Halloween Night

So yesterday didn’t really feel like halloween. We had already gone to all our halloween parties with the families. Loni and I went on a little drive up to Bridavail falls and snooped around taking pictures. We were really glad we went because there was a sign that the trail was closing today November 1st.

We went home and just crashed. We watched “The Covenant” which scared Loni a little so we had to watch a couple episodes of Modern Family. We only had 3 people ring our doorbell, even though we had turned off all our lights I was surprised that we didn’t get more.

One final note: Loni and I saw a kid about 15 - 17 years old that had a Charlie Brown shirt on (not really dress up a lot) he was carrying a grocery bag. well he was walking by the churches by Costco in orem, we passed him as we turned into Costco to fill up with gas, and when we pulled out to go back down the hill we were stopped at the light and we saw him ring a doorbell and wait for about 15 seconds before he continued…