Halloween is here!

Loni and I have been slacking in writing in our Journal/Blog this month, so this is an attempt to catch up on what has been going on. (sorry if it is long)

IMG_1225-2011-10-24-22-23.JPGWe have been getting into the halloween spirit by decorating our little apartment. We bought the little window jellies (blood red hands and the letters to spell out BEWARE) which looks really cool, and in our kitchen window we got some glow in the dark window stickers of a skeleton scull and cob webs (It doesn’t look as cool as our front room window).


 This week I even surprised Loni by buying a halloween table cloth with a little nutcracker that is wearing a pirate costume! She got a kick out of it! The we got the webbing and I hung it around one of the corners in our front room over by my guitar, and over by the TV. I wanted to see if we could somehow order pictures that change, so at first you would see me and Loni like usual but when you walked by it would change to us being all old and decomposing (Like in the Haunted Mansion at DisneyLand) but I never got anywhere with it cause no one really specializes in that kind of stuff… that I could find.

IMG_1205-2011-10-24-22-23.JPGOn Friday, the 21st, Loni and I went to the Corn Maze in PG. it cost $8 to get in, we wondered around a little bit then we went in to the corn maze. We got pretty tired of the corn mazes shortly after entering the second, more advanced, one. We did get good pictures though.


On Saturday, the 22nd, I went to visit Brooke with Loni was at work. I took Bruce, my RC hover shark. I spent have an hour at party land while we deflated him and blew him back up. He has a little hole in his bum area…pretty funny now that I think of it… where air goes in faster than it goes out. But it was all worth it to see Alayna and Kaylie play with it for a while, they didn’t have a clue how to work it but I let them go at it while I visited with Brooke. Alayna Invited me to go see her Primary Program at church the next day.


That evening we (Loni and I) carved pumpkins with Cassidy, one of Loni’s friends, but we think it may have been too early cause the pumpkins are already starting to look old. We keep them inside, but maybe we should move them outside? Anyway they turned out really well!

On sunday, Loni and I went to Brooke and Seth’s ward so we could watch Alayna sing in the primary program. Brooke Played the Piano and did a really good job, Alayna did a good job too, and surprisingly so did Kaylie! That’s right, along with every song they were singing, Kaylie was right next to me mumbling the words and humming the tune. It was really cute. After that Loni and I went up to Kaysville to celebrate Lindsey, and Roland’s birthday. Lindsey is Loni’s sister and Roland is Lindsey’s husband. It was fun. Loni made some muffins that we took up. Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures, but they were delicious.

Today Loni and I went up to get her mouth scanned with a 3D X-ray machine, I asked the receptionist at the front desk how much it would be to get a copy of it and she said $20 so we decided to just try our luck to see if Dr. Hendrickson will just make us a copy.

The traffic on State Street by our house is getting ridiculous because of the construction going on. I think whomever is in charge of those projects are idiotic! Curse Udot for the construction they so poorly planned, Anyway it took me 20 minutes to get home from Little Caesars (two miles from our apartment) because the city changed the timer on the light to allow the one lane of traffic more time to get cars though. Traffic going on Bulldog was backed up to the hill going up to BYU campus which was probably more than 4 lights away. It was pathetic. Sorry about ranting and raving, I really don’t have to deal with it that much because It is faster for me to take back roads to work and school so I don’t have to deal with construction. But I feel bad with those who do. Those of you who don’t live in Utah, be glad you don’t have to deal with it! And as a side note, I firmly believe it will take them as long to finish the freeway construction as it did for the workers to build the Salt Lake Temple.


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