Temple, wisdom teeth, and modern family

This week has gone by so fast and it is hard for some reason to remember what has been going on.

On monday,… I don’t remember much, except that I interviewed a company called equinox for my work as a tier 4 it company, just so that if we ever run into an urgent issue and I don’t know how to fix it, I will have someone that I can call for help.

On Tuesday…. Can’t remember a thing…

On Wednesday … Loni discovered our new favorite TV Show, Modern Family. We love the in-laws, Gloria (the spanish lady), Phil (the hip dad), and Cameron (the fat guy boyfriend)! Although I haven’t seen it yet (I will get to that later).

On Thursday … I worked in the morning till 5pm. Loni started back up on her training for grill which is pretty exciting.

On Friday we went to the Temple with my parents to do some sealings for some of my ancestors that have passed away. It was a great experience! Loni and I got to be a proxy for my Great Grandpa Salon (Slim) Harris and his wife. It was a really neat experience and I knew it meant a lot for my dad that Loni and I got to be their proxies. The whole experience strengthened our testimony of the Church and how important the work for our ancestors is.

Loni and I have also set a goal to be more diligent in reading our scriptures this week. Conference renewed our desire to be better at that. So I found my copy of the original copy of the book of mormon. It is different than the scripture version because it isn’t broken up into versus so it is a lot easier to read. I got it as a gift from a Bishop I knew from my mission so it has added significant value to me. Well because of our diligence in reading the scriptures we are learning a lot about Nephi and his experience starting out from Jerusalem. It is fun to make connections from what he says and things that have happened in our days. for example. Martin Harris lost the first 116 pages of the book of mormon and Joseph Smith was not allowed to retranslate them because those who had them would change them and would then declare Joseph Smith a false prophet. Well Nephi references and stresses that Lehi wrote about his Genealogy but stresses that he is not going to write any of the things his father has written. When I read that I thought it was interesting because if he had written things his father had then those who had stolen the 116 pages would have been able to do what I have previously mentioned. It has been a great experience and I hope Loni and I continue to be diligent in that aspect of our lives.

Saturday (today):
Today was Loni’s first saturday in a long time that she hasn’t had to work! I was so excited. In the morning I had to take a Physics test…(76% of 21 questions) I thought I did better than that, but oh well, it is still a passing grade. Loni went to an open house baby shower for one of her old friends, we bought her some precious moment blankets, and little pink Booties and mittens. They were so cute!

When we got home we watched Transformers 3. It was a great movie! I loved it and although no one is ever excited when they hear that they are coming out with another one, I am excited to see #4 already! We then followed the movie with a quick clean up of the house followed by a TV Movie marathon of the first season of Modern Family. We crack up so much by that show, when the episode ends Loni and I have tears of laughter in our eyes.

We took a little break at about 6 to go eat at the Pizza Pie Cafe. We have a UCCU preferred member discount card that we used to get a dinner for 2 adults for $12 which it is usually about $17.

When we got back to our house we decided to make a fort in our front room, after hanging the first comforter on the ceiling fan we gave up on the rest of it and just called it our canopy. We then continued our movie marathon until we decided to go to bed. it was a nice lazy day.

PS we wanted to go to a corn maze but since it has been raining all morning we didn’t want to go get all muddy.


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