Halloween Eve! Oooooo

So I know it’s Halloween Eve, but I actually don’t want to talk about that right now, I want to talk about Halloween Adam (Adam before Eve). Yesterday we went to Kaysville to celebrate Halloween with her side of the Family. Loni made these candy corn sugar cookies and we made Home made root beer for our drinks assignment! They were both a hit. It was fun seeing everyone in their Halloween Costumes. Loni and I were the Blue and Green M&Ms. We went costume shopping a couple times but decided that we didn’t want to spend the money on costumes this year so we went to my parents and picked out the only costumes that would fit us.

IMG_1256-2011-10-30-16-26.JPGThe evening was a blast! Everyone split up into 2 teams (Pre-determined) and set out on a treasure hunt. It was a race, and all the couples were split up which means it was very competitive and Loni and I were split up. Our team first had to go to the Wendy’s and look for our next clue under one of the tables, and we had to order a small French Fries. I was assigned to get the French Fries while 2 others were searching for the clues. The guy at the counter was not paying attention to the front at all cause I sat there for like 20 second with his back turned towards me before I made an obnoxious coughing sound. He then turned to me very annoyed when before he could say anything I stuck out my hand with $2 and shouted SMALL FRIES PLEASE! He waddled over to his cash register in no hurry at all then asked me again what I wanted! The nerve! He took my money shut the register then remembered that he had to give me change, so he had to call his manager to come open the drawer for him. He could have at least got the fries while I was waiting but NO… he finally handed me my change, then stood there for a second as if I was going to leave then he turned around and waddled over towards the fries station, he then grabbed the fries holder and started filling it with fries, then he emptied it back out and refilled it for no apparent reason…. So I grabbed it and ran out without saying a word.


Our next stop was the church. Our designated driver was Loni’s mom, Julie, she ran about 2 stop signs on the way over, stating that she was in it to win just as we rolled through the first one. I was laughing to hard. The next stop was the Post office, then the Park then finally to Death Row! Death Row is a creepy street in west kaysville(more in the boonies) that has no buildings or street lights on. Our clue said to look for the flashing red Fire Hydrant. Well we went up and down that road like 5 times before we called Loren (Loni’s brother who setup the scavenger Hunt). He said we must have missed a clue and asked us if we had been over to the new High school yet (found out later it was a lie and he told us to go there so that he could fix the flashing red Fire Hydrant). So we ran over to the new high school and everyone jumped out to look for our next clue. We were out looking for it when we saw the other teams car drive by heading towards death row, so I called loren back and the only thing he said to me was to go look for the flashing red Fire Hydrant now. So we booked it back to the car and Julie took off flying down towards death road! By then we noticed that the other team was already there so Julie fishtailed the car (ok she didn’t really fish tail the car, but that was to give you an idea of how fast she did a U-turn) right in front of the other teams car. We were suppose to turn the car off, then flash our lights twice and wait for the response. as soon as we got the signal, Landon took the small fries we bought earlier and booked it down the stretch of road to where Loren and Kelly were waiting to give us our final clue. The other teams runner had already left by then and as soon as Landen jumped out they took off to pick up their runner, Roland, so that he didn’t have to run back. So I started convincing Julie to do the same, but when she would start to go up there she would start to stop and say that maybe we should wait so that we don’t get disqualified, But then I would convince her to start going again to go pick him up. Well this happened a couple times until we finally drove up next to the car to pick up Landon. as he was getting in we heard a loud BANG on the driver’s side door and Loren scared the crap out of Julie and I. He had his Face pressed up to the window and he was shining a flash light onto his face all creepy like. We took off again so that we could at least try and beat the other team to the location of the treasure. We were suppose to go to the east side of the Junior High school where the Portables were. We got there right as the other team was running to them, it was a mad house! People running everywhere, as we were rounding the back of the portables I heard shrieks and shrills and then it was all over. Loni screamed out, “I got it!! I got the Treasure” as her and her team ran back towards the car.

It was a fun night when we got home, each team was trying to claim the glory, mainly because we would have won if Loren would have had our last clue setup when we got there, and the other team was telling us of how Arby’s fryer was broken, which is why Loren wasn’t able to get to our clue in time. It was so much fun.

Chase won the Costume contest!

It was a fun night and there was a lot going on, but one more thing worth mentioning is the Creepy Zombie on Loren and Kelly’s front porch. Here it is.

NOW about today. Loni and I went to church like normal but our nursery experience was anything but normal. We had two cry babies! There were 16 kids and 4 adults. I was stuck with one of the cry babies, and he was a wiggly little guy, he wore my arms out with how hard I had to fight to keep him from trying to get to the door. So the entire time there were two kids crying so loud and it just made it feel so chaotic. It seriously wore me and Loni out having so many kids and two criers.

After church we went to my parents house for the Harris Halloween party, which Steph threw together, it was a fun party so she did a great job. We had burritos for dinner, and clam dip for dessert. We played a few weird games, like throwing plastic balls into the buckets that our team mates were holding… I think the rules were made up on the spot… but it was still fun. We then had a contest to see who could drop nose-pins (the old fashion ones that they use to use to hang up clothes to dry but also used to plug your nose, Hint: they are not the ones with springs in them) straight into a narrow catcher. Then we played the game to see who could eat their doughnut off a string first! They had one of those posters that had the holes in them where you stick your face through so we got some pictures with that too! It was a fun night! I love halloween parties!



  1. The nerve of the Wendy's guy. Should've yelled, "Don't you understand the gravity of my scavenger hunt situation?!"


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