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Halloween Eve! Oooooo

So I know it’s Halloween Eve, but I actually don’t want to talk about that right now, I want to talk about Halloween Adam (Adam before Eve). Yesterday we went to Kaysville to celebrate Halloween with her side of the Family. Loni made these candy corn sugar cookies and we made Home made root beer for our drinks assignment! They were both a hit. It was fun seeing everyone in their Halloween Costumes. Loni and I were the Blue and Green M&Ms. We went costume shopping a couple times but decided that we didn’t want to spend the money on costumes this year so we went to my parents and picked out the only costumes that would fit us.
The evening was a blast! Everyone split up into 2 teams (Pre-determined) and set out on a treasure hunt. It was a race, and all the couples were split up which means it was very competitive and Loni and I were split up. Our team first had to go to the Wendy’s and look for our next clue under one of the tables, and we had to order a small French Fries. I was as…

Halloween is here!

Loni and I have been slacking in writing in our Journal/Blog this month, so this is an attempt to catch up on what has been going on. (sorry if it is long)

We have been getting into the halloween spirit by decorating our little apartment. We bought the little window jellies (blood red hands and the letters to spell out BEWARE) which looks really cool, and in our kitchen window we got some glow in the dark window stickers of a skeleton scull and cob webs (It doesn’t look as cool as our front room window).

 This week I even surprised Loni by buying a halloween table cloth with a little nutcracker that is wearing a pirate costume! ☺ She got a kick out of it! The we got the webbing and I hung it around one of the corners in our front room over by my guitar, and over by the TV. I wanted to see if we could somehow order pictures that change, so at first you would see me and Loni like usual but when you walked by it would change to us being all old and decomposing (Like in the Haunted Mansi…


So I have found my newest addiction! Remember that free Zumba class I was going to try that my friend goes to? Well I tried and LOVED it! I have to get up at 5:50 in the morning for it, but I feel so energized from it. The rest of the day I have so much energy and I just feel so good the whole day! It is more of a work out than just running on the treadmill at the gym. My sister, Lindsey, always swore by Zumba and now I understand! After her first baby, she started going to Zumba and lost all her baby weight and then some. She did Zumba all through her second pregnancy up until 39 weeks and looked so good when she was pregnant! She even tells me that she has bounced back a lot better this pregnancy and swears it was because of Zumba. She has been itching to go back and is going to next week (only four to fiveish weeks since she had Desmond). Anyways I am hoping I am as successful at losing weight like she was!

Temple, wisdom teeth, and modern family

This week has gone by so fast and it is hard for some reason to remember what has been going on.

On monday,… I don’t remember much, except that I interviewed a company called equinox for my work as a tier 4 it company, just so that if we ever run into an urgent issue and I don’t know how to fix it, I will have someone that I can call for help.

On Tuesday…. Can’t remember a thing…

On Wednesday … Loni discovered our new favorite TV Show, Modern Family. We love the in-laws, Gloria (the spanish lady), Phil (the hip dad), and Cameron (the fat guy boyfriend)! Although I haven’t seen it yet (I will get to that later).

On Thursday … I worked in the morning till 5pm. Loni started back up on her training for grill which is pretty exciting.

On Friday we went to the Temple with my parents to do some sealings for some of my ancestors that have passed away. It was a great experience! Loni and I got to be a proxy for my Great Grandpa Salon (Slim) Harris and his wife. It was a really neat experience and…

Loni's in the House

So since this is "Dallas and Loni's Adventures" blog, I figured Loni should have her input as well. I am going to try to post more often. Dallas is probably a little more interesting than me, though! Oh Dallas... he makes life fun :) Anyways, I don't have much to say today but I would like to point out that since I love my husband so much I finally caved last night and made him dumplings! He has been asking for them probably since we got married, but it was never anything I had an interest in eating. So I decided to stop being selfish and I made them much to his delight! They actually turned out perfect (according to dallas, I wasn't sure what they were supposed to be like since we never had them growing up)! They tasted pretty good, not my favorite but I will make them again for Dallas!
Also something new for me, is I found a free Zumba class! My friend who just moved back from California has a friend who has a free Zumba class every morning at 6. I know it is re…

Words with Friends

So Stephanie, my sister, got me into this game for the iPod touch and iPhone called Words with Friends. It is a scrabble game that you can play over time with a friend. You can invite someone from Facebook or just someone by email to play a game of scrabble with you. Well while I was playing last night the most miraculous thing happened! My last name appeared in my available tiles, but when I went to play it it said that ‘Harris’ is not an acceptable word ☹

Made me sad that Harris is not an acceptable word in scrabble. ☺