Trouble at In n Out

So on monday our emotions were stirred up when we got Loni’s schedule and we were not happy about it. It ruined our whole day. She has been getting really good hours since we got back from Hawaii, she has been stocking the stand in the morning and her shifts are usually from 9am - 2:45pm. It has been nice primarily because when she doesn’t work during the day she gets bored because I go to school at 8am and get home around 6pm or seven after I am off from work.

Anyway her schedule did a complete 180 and she has a lot of weird hours next week. Monday and tuesday they scheduled her way past her availability and the tuesday shift is 2 hours from 9pm to 11:30pm and she also was scheduled for a sunday shift. we were like “what the Hey-all” so Loni and I got all stressed out because we don’t know if this is going to be a permanent thing or not. The manager (who we will call Mr. X so we don’t offend anyone) is not someone who knows how to express himself and he hasn’t really shown a lot of compassion.

Well we decided that Loni should go talk to him so that we could get some ease of mind. we mad a battle plan that was pretty brilliant. Step 1 - Express appreciation. Step 2 - State concerns. Step 3 - Get commitments. She went and talked to him on Wednesday and she got through steps 1 and 2 but somehow Mr. X side stepped the commitments so it didn’t quite get resolved….

On wednesday Loni got to spend the whole day up in Kaysville with her mom and lindsey. She was so excited because she never gets to just spend a day with them. Wednesday was the perfect day because I have lab at night from 7pm to 8:50pm so I am gone the whole day. Somehow I still beat Loni home…

Loni went back yesterday and talked to eric and just told him that after talking it over with me she is only available 5 days of the week from 8am to 8pm. She couldn’t really tell if it bugged him or not, but oh well. Hopefully she starts getting better shifts again.

I am still the same. My schedule is not as dramatic. Just the way I like it. Loni also wants to go out tonight and take pictures with the fall colors so I will put up pictures!


  1. hahaha Dallas you make me laugh. Let's call him Mr X... Is his name Eric maybe? lol reminds me of pride and prejudice (the momo version) "We'll call her.. Elizabeth B.... No, E Bennet" hahaha.

  2. Was just going to say the same thing as Dayna! Haha! Let's just call him Mr. Eric. :)

  3. Oh man, I can't believe I did that! I am going to keep it like that though now that there are comments that reference it I can't go back now!


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