random guy who texts me every once in a while

so I have decided that my favorite thing to do when I get a random test from an unknown number is to Just play along and be whomever they think I am. So I a text from a number I swear I have seen before but I didn’t have in my contacts. They just asked me how I was doing, so I responded and said that I have been good. Then they asked me who I was…. This was total dejavu, I have had this type of conversation before… so after pretending to be the ghost of christmas past, I decided to hop on google voice and look up his number and sure enough, I have had this conversation before with this guy. I just thought it was funny I am trying to decide how I want to play this out…. Here is what I have so far. The bottom one was dated 9/4/11 and now he is texting me again… 9/30/11

This is how it ended….


UPDATE: I was looking through my google voice for another time this has happened to me and I found another one that happened in May 2011, Enjoy! PS it’s not the same number as the one above.


  1. hahahah is that guy serious!? What a weiny!

  2. seriously, I am glad these things happen to me! they make life interesting.


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