Leaving Hawaii

Well the vacation came and gone so fast, it is sad to be home again, but we are ready to continue on with our normal routines. We got back and spent most of the day sleeping. Jet lag and lack of sleep turned our power nap into a full on morning snoozer till the afternoon.

I was so excited to try out my new inflatable shark that the first thing we did was went to bowman’s to fill her up with helium. we went to visit lindsey, Loni’s sister, and jane went running as soon as she saw the shark. Lindsey is prego and ready to pop that baby out! she is in her last week and she is probably going to get induced tomorrow. so we are going to keep our saturday open so that we can head up there in the afternoon as soon as Loni gets off work.

Other than that, I am just trying to adjust back to school and work. nothing too exciting. Loni got a good schedule for the rest of the week and Eric was so excited to see her again. People at my work were excited to have their IT guy back. In celebration Paul Hao, Justin Thompson, and Mark Olsen had a doubles ping pong tournament. I didn’t get to show everyone my shark though cause I kind of deflated sharky. so I had to go to Partyland to inflate him again. stupid me, I should have seen that coming

Tyler Clark also called me to do a burrito night, he just had a baby girl which they named Emma. I can’t wait to meet her. Loni and I are in charge of the activity cause they are bringing all the food. Loni and I suspect they do that because rebecca has food alergies. and can’t eat gluten so they are bringing things she can eat.

Last of all, Loni’s vampire diaries started the new season today, so I am trying to be a good sport and watching it with her.


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