Hawaii Day 7, North Shore

Today was sunday and our last full day in Hawaii. We were sad to think that we were near the end of our trip. We wanted today to be another lazy day and just do what we felt like doing. We also decided that Loni would drive. by we I mean me. ;) she’s a natural!IMG_0962-2011-09-12-18-26.jpg

In the morning we decided to go to the north shore just to make sure we didn’t miss out on anything it had to offer. On our way we stopped by the PaaLaa kia bakery again and bought ourselves some puffys. (we know it’s sunday and we really shouldn’t be spending any money but in our situation it is really hard not to spend money on food). They were so good. We stopped by the beach that Nani had pointed out to us that is good to see turtles, and we did see some right off the shore in the water. I got some pictures but they aren’t that good. Loni just told me that she thinks they did turn out good. I love her!IMG_0979-2011-09-12-18-26.JPGIMG_0980-2011-09-12-18-26.JPG

We ventured over to Waimia bay and went to the bathroom, we didn’t stop there because it was so crowded and there was no parking, plus we weren’t really in the swimming mood. We did however stop by sharks cove after that and waded through the water a little bit. Contrary to the name I don’t think sharks cove really has sharks, but I think it does get turtles that come in every once in an while. We got some pictures of crabs in the sand and fish swimming in little swarms but most of the cove was cool coral and rocks.

On our way out We stopped at Matsumotos shaved ice and got a half coconut half pineapple snowcone. It sure did live up to it’s reputation.

I also got pictures of the pineapple plantation on the way home. (pictures below)IMG_1017-2011-09-12-18-26.JPGIMG_1013-2011-09-12-18-26.JPGIMG_1018-2011-09-12-18-26.JPG

We went home after that and chilled in the Hotel room for a little bit before we went over to our favorite beach, Waikiki Beach I don’t know why but I think that beach has been our most fun beach while we were here, the sand was soft and perfect, the ocean was the pretty blue color, and it just has the most beautiful sunsets we have ever seen. The view of the sunset is so amazing that literally everyone will stop what they are doing to watch it, it is just amazing to see everyone stopped and looking at the sun for about 5 minutes as it disappears over the horizon.
We ate at the cheese cake Factory for our last Dinner in Waikiki. We decided not to share meals for the first time so that we could have left overs for monday’s lunch. I got the Chicken Bellagio which was absolutely amazing and Loni got the Sun dried tomato pasta (Not quite as good we decided but still good). We shared a brownies sunday dessert which didn’t make it past the restaurant. ;) it was my first time eating a meal at the cheesecake factory and it was a good experience… expensive… but good.
We then returned in to the hotel for the night.


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