Hawaii Day 6, Saturday

Yesterday is what we like to call “A Lazy Day”. We had such a big day the day before that we decided to sleep in. We had plans to go to The North Shore to the beaches on that side of the island but that is the beauty of how we do vacations, we just go with the flow! We really only slept until 8 am but we usually wake up around 6 am. Unfortunately we are adjusting to Hawaii time (two days before we come home) just as we predicted!

I (Loni) was itching to go to the beach by 9 but Dallas wouldn’t get out of bed. So I compromised with him and settled for 10. We headed down to Waikiki beach and found a spot of shade right underneath a palm tree… HEAVEN! Now I want to take a moment and say why I love Hawaiian beaches better than Californian beaches. It took me a day to try to figure out what was so different about them. 1). The first and most obvious one is how clear the water is. 2). The sand is SO soft which was also quick to realize. 3). And the best reason of all I think is that there is no seaweed floating in the water around you or chilling in mass quantities on the shore! I can’t stand seaweed, it gives me the creeps. Anyways back to Waikiki beach. The family that Dallas knows here let us borrow boogie boards, towels, bamboo matts, and snorkeling gear. So we ventured out into the water with our boogie boards. We really aren’t experts on using them so we mostly just floated on them. Plus, Waikiki really doesn’t have the right waves (or any really) for boogie boarding unless you head out farther where the surfers are, but I was too chicken.

insert (From Dallas): you can walk out a ways from the beach and still be in shallow water up to your stomach or chest, or in Loni’s case your nose. we took pictures then ate at the jumbo pizza place again! End insert.IMG_0951-2011-09-11-08-29.JPG

After lunch we walked along Ala Wai Canal which is just outside our hotel. It had a walk way perfect for running, cycling, and such. We noticed a crowd of people on the other side a ways down and people in kayaks. We checked out and it was some kind of competition. We watched from the other end for a bit. It was fun! Later we asked nani about it and she said they have canoe paddling leagues here. Her son even was on a team in high school!
We headed back to the hotel for a nap. I could’ve taken a nap under the palm tree but we lost our shade. After our nap, we realized we had gotten a little more sun than we had hoped but we have been lucky so far with not getting sunburned. About this time, Nani (family friend) called to make sure we were still on for dinner. We met up with them around 6:30 at their house and went to a local joint with authentic Hawaiian cuisine. They were so nice! They paid for us which we weren’t expecting, but they insisted. Nani said they really enjoy visitors from the mainland. The place we went to was called Loco Moco. They have what they call Plate Lunches which were really fun, because it came with rice and macaroni salad. I got the Teriyaki Steak which reminded me of Beef Jerky just not as tough. Dallas got a Seafood combo with Mahi Mahi, shrimp and some other fish. Nani got the Chicken Katsu which I almost got but she offered to let me try it and it was SO good! I wish I would have gotten it! Anyways, it was really nice to catch up with them. It had been a really long time since they had seen any Harris’. We definitely have enjoyed the time spent with them and Nani. They have been so generous in showing us around!


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