Hawaii Day 5, Nani, PCC, and most of all Loni's 21st Birthday!

Yesterday we woke up pretty early (It’s me, Dallas, Loni took over yesterday cause I wanted a break) I sang her happy birthday and put on a special birthday song for her. (Secret song) I can’t tell you because it is scandalous and I want to keep this PG rated ;) (Loni thinks she should write the journal now)…

We headed out to meet up with Nani Kanahale, she lives in waipahu (more towards the center of the island) it is a nicer part of the island. She took us to go get malasadas at the “Leonard Jr’s Hot Malasadas” stand near her house we tried their cinnamon malasada as well as the chocolate and cream filled ones. they were so good. the chocolate was like chocolate pudding and the cream one was like vanilla pudding. it was really good.
She then took us down to a place called “Paalaa Kai bakery” where we tried “Puffys” they are like chilled facturas from argentina. they have a crusted bread on the outsides with this yellow cream in between. One top it was drizzled with chocolate and covered with powdered sugar. so good! we also tried a sweet butter roll, we can’t remember the name of it, but it was a fluffy roll with this butter-sugar mix on top of it. it was okay, not as good as the puffys but definitely worth trying.

She then took us over to the north shore. we passed the pineapple plantation on the way where Loni and I realized that pineapples didn’t grow on trees but in fact they grew in the ground! we were baffled by this discovery but were glad we found that out. Nani showed us a couple of beaches that we need to go to while we visit the north shore. There is a beach where the turtles can be found, the place didn’t have a name but I have the address incase anyone needs to find it later. she took us over to waimea bay and sharks cove.

After sharks cove we then went our separate ways. On the way to the PCC Loni and I pulled over at a shrimp shack and for the first time on our hawaii trip ate shrimp at a place called “Geovannis” the shrimp was good but after a couple of them I was all shrimped out. the van was ghetto but the least ghetto out of the thousand other ones we passed on our way. IMG_0777-2011-09-10-14-48.JPGIMG_0780-2011-09-10-14-48.JPG

Before we arrived at the PCC we decided to do a drive by of BYU hawaii. This is for Lacy, Loni’s sister who is a hardcore BYU fan :)IMG_0787-2011-09-10-14-48.JPGIMG_0782-2011-09-10-14-48.JPG

We got to the PCC where we got a guided tour from Amy through the different “Islands.” Samoa, New Zealand, Fiji, Hawaii, Tonga, and Tahiti. we did little activities in each place. in samoa we listened to a funny guy while he told about samoa and demonstrated how to make fire. in New Zealand we watched the Haka, and played various stick games, got water based tatoos, and swung around some puas. in Fiji we learned never to touch a fijan man’s hair because it is his life force. In Hawaii we learned the Hula. “I don’t like sandals on my feet….” that is the only part of the song I can remember. In Tahiti we ate coconut bread and made fish on a stick made out of palm tree leafs. In tonga we watched a little show where a big tongan, a japanese, californian, and englander made us all laugh while it was teaching them to bang the drums. Who let the dogs out! (hopefully you remember this inside joke down the road) We also watched a canoe pageant where all the different islands preformed their cultural dances on canoes. it was really exciting..
We then went to eat at the marques all you can eat buffet. They served crab, sushi, prime rib, and other amazingly yummy stuff! It was so good! Then some of the waiters brought Loni some mini birthday cupcakes and sang their version of happy birthday to her! she turned all red cause she was embarrassed. It was so cute and I think it made her day for them to sing to her.

After we were done eating we got a canoe ride down to the marketplace where we looked around at the souevinier shops before they started seating for the night show. We bought a painting that Loni wanted for the bathroom that is of the ocean splashing on to the shore, and I got a hover shark! you fill it with helium and you movie it around by flapping it’s fin with a remote control that comes with it.

The show was great! we really enjoyed it. It was a story about how the breath of life gets carried from parents to children. in this story it showed how the breath of live was given and a baby was born. we then watched the story of this baby grow into a man and eventually pass the breath of life to his own baby. If we come back to hawaii we are going to come back here again. it was so fun. Loni says it was her best birthday yet!



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