Hawaii Day 4, Laie Temple

Today we woke up bright and early, which I like! (this is Loni by the way). Dallas and I headed down to breakfast to eat with our usual friends, the birds. They are always chilling outside where we eat breakfast and this morning I saw one snag a croissant right off someone’s plate when they walked away for a sec! We kept our waffles and pineapple especially safe after that.

After breakfast, we headed back to the room to get ready for the temple. We figured that today would be the best day to make the trek across the island to visit the Laie Temple. Boy am I glad we did. The drive was beautiful! It was about an hour drive but for most of the drive we followed along the coast which made for a very scenic route! We did an endowment session which turned out to be the smallest session I have ever been in. The temple has small rooms which made for a “full” session today because someone was taking out their own endowments. The temple is right next to BYU Hawaii and the Polynesian Cultural Center which is owned by the church as well. We also saw the first church building on that side of the island. I almost flipped with excitement for some reason! I joked with Dallas that this must be where the mormons reside. Anyways, I am really grateful for the choices I have made to be able to go to such a beautiful temple!
The elderly sister missionary at the visitors center gave us a few suggestions for lunch. We settled on Surfin Tacos which was mexican food. It was delicious! It reminded me a lot of Costa Vida. It was chuck full of surf boards and such inside and the menu was very similar. It was just as expensive so we decided to share a sweet pork burrito and a fish taco which tasted really good especially because I was SO hungry! The temple always makes me hungry for some reason. We also saw a pack of elders there eating lunch which was fun.

After making the beautiful drive home (passing the ranch where they filmed Jurassic park might I add), we took a nap because we were really exhausted. Later on, we walked down to Waikiki Beach for a swim. We got dinner at Zeros NYC Pizzeria which is home to the Pacific’s largest slice of pizza. They were not kidding! These slices were huge and really filled us up. It was very tasty as well but the service kind of sucked. There is this homeless man that is always in the same spot here that holds a sign saying “Anything would help. God Bless.” So Dallas suggested we give him our left over pizza which I thought would be kind of strange so we settled to fill up our Root Beer to give him. He loved it! It made me happy to do that for him! After dinner we watched the sunset at Waikiki beach again. It is so soothing to me to watch the sunset with the waves crashing along the shore, feet in the sand with Dallas sitting next to me. I think that will be the thing I miss the most here!
Anyways, it was a fabulous day here in Hawaii! Tomorrow will be a good day, though, because it’s my birthday!



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