Hawaii Day 3, snorkling at Hanauma bay

We ended up leaving for Hanauma bay by 6:30am and got there at quarter to 7. We were one of the first ones there. it opened at 6am so there was a couple people there already. They made us watch an orientation video first before we could go down to the beach. it pretty much just told us not to stand on the coral or touch the fish, it also had a lot of indian chant songs in the background. weird.

The water was beautiful. it was crystal clear for the most part. We rented the scuba gear (we though it was going to be $3 from what we were told, but it turned out to be $30) for the both of us including a locker. We got some good pictures for you hear below.
If we had recorded the scene of us trying to figure out the snorkel equipment we probably could have won the america’s funniest home videos. We first attempted to put on our fins but being newbies we were having trouble. we were standing at the edge of the water trying to keep from getting sand in our fins while we were putting them on, that was unsuccessful to say the least. On top of that we were trying to hold our other fin and goggles without loosing them to the tide…. it doesn’t sound as funny written, you just had to have been there.
After a couple rotations of coming back to the beach and snorkeling we were finally looking like pros.

After hanauma bay we went to Costco to get the film developed from our underwater disposable camera. while we were waiting for them to develop the pictures we went back to jack in the box. I got the Jumbo Jack burger and Loni got the tacos….I think they gave me serious gas cause for the rest of the day they kept coming and they stunk way bad.

The pictures turned out great, better than we though they would, When we got back to the hotel from Costco Loni slept while I looked at the pictures and updated the journal for the last 2 days. While we were at the hotel Nani gave us a call and we made plans to meet up on friday morning. she is going to give us the hawaii native experience, run down style. we don’t have a lot of time so she is just going to take us to a couple places to try hawaiian food and she is going to show us her favorite beaches. She is also going to lend us some boogie boards and snorkel gear for when we go to the north shore. yay.

We finished the day at the Waikiki beach, we found the next spot where we are going to swim and hang out. we watched the sunset and headed back to the hotel for the night.


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