Hawaii Day 2, tuesday

Today we woke up at 6:30 hawaii time but we woke up because we couldn’t sleep any longer! it may have been 6:30 here, but it was about 10:30 utah time, so we were wide awake and ready to go for the day. We had the continental breakfast provided by the hotel. I had Waffles, and pineapple. yum. We Left shortly after for pearl harbor.

We finally arrived an hour later after having some some miscommunication with our GPS system. Apparently it thought we meant pearl harbor, Anywhere at pearl harbor. so after reaching the opposite side of pearl harbor we had a chat with gps and told it that we wanted to be at the part of pearl harbor that had the US Arizona memorial. He then understood where we wanted to go and we got there at 8:01 am. we went to go get our tickets but there was already a 2 hour wait. we got tickets for 10:20am. so we had some time to kill so we went around and saw the other memorials there while we waited for our chance to tour the Arizona memorial building. Pearl Harbor was interesting, but Loni and I decided that if we come back to hawaii we wouldn’t feel the need to come to pearl harbor again.
We then came back to the hotel to eat. We had easy mac and instant top Ramon. It wasn’t that filling but it was good enough. We hung out at the hotel for a little bit because I had a big headache. I guess all that walking around at the memorial and not getting enough water really got to me.

Later we went to Kailua beach park and played around in the water and the beach. it was a beautiful beach but I still think Waikiki beach is my favorite so far.

On our way back we saw a jack in the box, which I think made Loni’s week. apparently she loves the place ;) but they don’t have them in utah anymore. we will go there sometime later this week. Anyway, We also stopped by Hanauma bay to make sure that our gps was going to lead us in the right direction. We have had some recent history with it leading us astray and we don’t want it to do that to us tomorrow when we try to get there early. we hope we get there early enough to get a parking spot.

We came home and found out that the lord was going to bless us with a parking spot on the canal! we were so excited! there was one spot and with great parallel parking skills I got us to fit into the space. We then got cleaned up and went a couple blocked into town to eat at a restaurant called “The big Kahuna” we shared “The big kahuna Burger” and some fish n chips. It was so good! that came out to be about $19.79 but it was really filling.after dinner we walked around the city and went site seeing. Loni got a stomach ache and a nasty stain on her shirt that we thought might have been parrot poop. but after looking at some of the pictures she had that stain before I got to hold two parrots from a man that tried to get us to pay him $5 for taking our picture with the parrots, we didn’t pay him, we were glad later cause the pictures didn’t turn out.


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