First day in Hawaii

The first day of hawaii was a short one. We arrived at three fifteen pm. Our flight was delayed because Delta claimed the plane had too much weight so they made all the standby fliers get off the plane, then about fifteem minutes after we were suppose to depart they told us that someone got their act together and they could board the stand by passengers again. so we waited for them to get back on. We were excited to arrive at hawaii though and although we had our week partially planned out we felt like we had no idea what we were doing.
We made it to the shuttle area where we found the shuttle that would take us to the enterprise center. THe driver was pretty funny, He was a big hawaiian guy that was cracking jokes all the way to the enterprise station. While we were driving up the the enterprise, I saw a red Volkswagen bug and I said to Loni, “wouldn’t it be funny if we got a bug?” I was kind of hoping we could drive around a bug! anyway we got checked in and the guy took us out to the back to get our car and he looked around the lot and ge took us over to a Yellow Beattle! He told us that was our car and we were laughing so hard because I totally called it! but when the enterprise guy looked inside for the key it wasn’t there, so it was just given away to someone else. We got a ford Focus instead. we were okay with that.

On our way to the Hotel we stopped by walmart. Holy Cow, I have never seen a more busy parking lot than that one! it was crazy, there was like 4 rows of parking spots with about 40 cars to a row, but all of them were taken and cars were lining the parking lot waiting for cars to leave. it took us a couple minutes to get a spot, but we eventually did.After that we got to our hotel. we soon discovered that it was in the middle of the busiest city I have ever been in AND there was no parking lot!! The only parking was the meters along the streets and the parking stalls on the side of the canal, they were all full, there was no where to park, so we finally gave in to valet parking by our hotel for $25/night. sucks but we didn’t want to have to worry about it today.

After we got settled we hit the city, we walked a couple blocks and found a subway to eat. then after going back to the hotel to change we adventured over to the Waikiki beach. I say adventured because it was a true adventure trying to find our way to the beach. it wasn’t like a normal entrance to a beach, we made our way through several hotel lobbies and finally a hotel pool that had access to the beach.
The beach was Breathtaking! it was like nothing I had seen before, the water was clear and the sand on the beach was perfect sand. I loved it. we stayed there for about an hour swimming and watched the sunset, then we headed back to our hotel for the night.


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