Desmond is born! and emmas birthday plus adjusting to normal life

Desmond Roland Write was born on September 16th at 10am. but we didn’t get to visit him till the next day, he is so tiny and it made Loni go baby crazy and she has been that way ever since. every time we are together I can always tell what is on her mind. she wants a baby so bad and so do I, but we are hesitant because we want to really make sure we are going to be ready for a baby. we have internal battles with ourselves trying to decide if it is time yet. and we think that emotionally we are there, we just have to make sure we are there financially and prepared medically with knowing which doctor is going to be the witch doctor. we’ll keep you posted.

Today we went to celebrate emma’s birthday, we went to the nut cracker restaurant…I mean cracker barrel. It was not my favorite restaurant ever, we got the country fried steak, it was okay but they gave us such little portions for $10. we felt jypt.


  1. Oh Come on... Just have a baby already! ;) You both know you want to!


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