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random guy who texts me every once in a while

so I have decided that my favorite thing to do when I get a random test from an unknown number is to Just play along and be whomever they think I am. So I a text from a number I swear I have seen before but I didn’t have in my contacts. They just asked me how I was doing, so I responded and said that I have been good. Then they asked me who I was…. This was total dejavu, I have had this type of conversation before… so after pretending to be the ghost of christmas past, I decided to hop on google voice and look up his number and sure enough, I have had this conversation before with this guy. ☺ I just thought it was funny I am trying to decide how I want to play this out…. Here is what I have so far. The bottom one was dated 9/4/11 and now he is texting me again… 9/30/11

This is how it ended….

UPDATE: I was looking through my google voice for another time this has happened to me and I found another one that happened in May 2011, Enjoy! PS it’s not the same number as the one above.

Loni Loves the fall

so Today Loni wanted to go for a drive to see the fall leaves. I said in my last post I would put pictures up so here they are.

Trouble at In n Out

So on monday our emotions were stirred up when we got Loni’s schedule and we were not happy about it. It ruined our whole day. She has been getting really good hours since we got back from Hawaii, she has been stocking the stand in the morning and her shifts are usually from 9am - 2:45pm. It has been nice primarily because when she doesn’t work during the day she gets bored because I go to school at 8am and get home around 6pm or seven after I am off from work.

Anyway her schedule did a complete 180 and she has a lot of weird hours next week. Monday and tuesday they scheduled her way past her availability and the tuesday shift is 2 hours from 9pm to 11:30pm and she also was scheduled for a sunday shift. we were like “what the Hey-all” so Loni and I got all stressed out because we don’t know if this is going to be a permanent thing or not. The manager (who we will call Mr. X so we don’t offend anyone) is not someone who knows how to express himself and he hasn’t really shown a lot of …

Desmond is born! and emmas birthday plus adjusting to normal life

Desmond Roland Write was born on September 16th at 10am. but we didn’t get to visit him till the next day, he is so tiny and it made Loni go baby crazy and she has been that way ever since. every time we are together I can always tell what is on her mind. she wants a baby so bad and so do I, but we are hesitant because we want to really make sure we are going to be ready for a baby. we have internal battles with ourselves trying to decide if it is time yet. and we think that emotionally we are there, we just have to make sure we are there financially and prepared medically with knowing which doctor is going to be the witch doctor. we’ll keep you posted.

Today we went to celebrate emma’s birthday, we went to the nut cracker restaurant…I mean cracker barrel. It was not my favorite restaurant ever, we got the country fried steak, it was okay but they gave us such little portions for $10. we felt jypt.

Leaving Hawaii

Well the vacation came and gone so fast, it is sad to be home again, but we are ready to continue on with our normal routines. We got back and spent most of the day sleeping. Jet lag and lack of sleep turned our power nap into a full on morning snoozer till the afternoon.

I was so excited to try out my new inflatable shark that the first thing we did was went to bowman’s to fill her up with helium. we went to visit lindsey, Loni’s sister, and jane went running as soon as she saw the shark. Lindsey is prego and ready to pop that baby out! she is in her last week and she is probably going to get induced tomorrow. so we are going to keep our saturday open so that we can head up there in the afternoon as soon as Loni gets off work.

Other than that, I am just trying to adjust back to school and work. nothing too exciting. Loni got a good schedule for the rest of the week and Eric was so excited to see her again. People at my work were excited to have their IT guy back. In celebration Paul…

Hawaii Day 7, North Shore

Today was sunday and our last full day in Hawaii. We were sad to think that we were near the end of our trip. We wanted today to be another lazy day and just do what we felt like doing. We also decided that Loni would drive. by we I mean me. ;) she’s a natural!

In the morning we decided to go to the north shore just to make sure we didn’t miss out on anything it had to offer. On our way we stopped by the PaaLaa kia bakery again and bought ourselves some puffys. (we know it’s sunday and we really shouldn’t be spending any money but in our situation it is really hard not to spend money on food). They were so good. We stopped by the beach that Nani had pointed out to us that is good to see turtles, and we did see some right off the shore in the water. I got some pictures but they aren’t that good. Loni just told me that she thinks they did turn out good. ☺ I love her!

We ventured over to Waimia bay and went to the bathroom, we didn’t stop there because it was so crowded and there was no p…

Hawaii Day 6, Saturday

Yesterday is what we like to call “A Lazy Day”. We had such a big day the day before that we decided to sleep in. We had plans to go to The North Shore to the beaches on that side of the island but that is the beauty of how we do vacations, we just go with the flow! We really only slept until 8 am but we usually wake up around 6 am. Unfortunately we are adjusting to Hawaii time (two days before we come home) just as we predicted!

I (Loni) was itching to go to the beach by 9 but Dallas wouldn’t get out of bed. So I compromised with him and settled for 10. We headed down to Waikiki beach and found a spot of shade right underneath a palm tree… HEAVEN! Now I want to take a moment and say why I love Hawaiian beaches better than Californian beaches. It took me a day to try to figure out what was so different about them. 1). The first and most obvious one is how clear the water is. 2). The sand is SO soft which was also quick to realize. 3). And the best reason of all I think is that there i…

Hawaii Day 5, Nani, PCC, and most of all Loni's 21st Birthday!

Yesterday we woke up pretty early (It’s me, Dallas, Loni took over yesterday cause I wanted a break) I sang her happy birthday and put on a special birthday song for her. (Secret song) I can’t tell you because it is scandalous and I want to keep this PG rated ;) (Loni thinks she should write the journal now)…

We headed out to meet up with Nani Kanahale, she lives in waipahu (more towards the center of the island) it is a nicer part of the island. She took us to go get malasadas at the “Leonard Jr’s Hot Malasadas” stand near her house we tried their cinnamon malasada as well as the chocolate and cream filled ones. they were so good. the chocolate was like chocolate pudding and the cream one was like vanilla pudding. it was really good.

She then took us down to a place called “Paalaa Kai bakery” where we tried “Puffys” they are like chilled facturas from argentina. they have a crusted bread on the outsides with this yellow cream in between. One top it was drizzled with chocolate and c…